Tuesday, April 26, 2011

72.9mi / 117.3km

This morning was very slow. Legs did not want to move and even the downhills felt like uphills. Things got better though. The ride back started off hard but by the end the legs felt good and strong.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

285.7mi / 459.8km

One super weekend. I was off on Friday so I took the Pterovélo to Tulsa. (127.7mile) I felt pretty good the whole way. On 80mi the feet got little sore but I stopped and ate something and it was all good after that. Greg met me outside Tulsa on his F40. Him and his wife was very generous to let me stay with them the weekend and showed me a good time. Saturday we just putted along the river trail and through the neighborhoods for fun. (26.28mi) The legs were a little tired and lacked some performance. Sunday I left at 7:30 in the rain. It hardly ever stopped and slowed me down a bit but all for the good because the legs were a little worn out. The last 25mi back home was a crawl and the knees has had enough. Walked in the door at 18:00

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

42.5mi / 68.4km

The Pterovélo is back on the road again after two weeks of improvements. We now have much better turn indicators and also added brake lights in the back. The side windows have been replaced and the new wrap looks real good. My fitness unfortunately is down a bit. I started off today with a good 20mph avg but by the end of the ride I was doing 12mph avg. URGH! The turn indicators are working well. The cars notice them now and they are giving me room to move over. What a pleasure to be treated like a vehicle while cycling.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

15.29mi / 24.61km

Spent the Saturday at Earth Day Birthday. A small expo that PlanetNicolsHills.org was hosting. I have not cycled for 10 days now and my legs got quite a shock. The new back lights is almost in and then we will be on the road again.

Friday, April 8, 2011

7.25mi / 11.67km

Today was TEDxOKC day! What an amazing day it was. Heard so many speak about their passion, ideas and inventions it was truly mind boggling. Thank you to everybody that made it happen and thank you Ken for getting me a ticket at the last minute.
Some of the great people I met:
David High
Stacie Steward
Jay Martin
Jy Architecture
Ken Surritte
Kyle Dillingham
Sarah Kay

Thank you Grace for the photo.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

12.03mi / 19.36km

I got the Pterovélo back from 247 Graphix today and I must say they did a super job. Thanks again guys, I can not stop looking at it. I will post some photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

12.09mi / 19.46km

Went to drop off the Pterovélo at 247 Graphix this afternoon. Shawn is going to put a brand new wrap on the velo and I will also get some advertising on it. Very exited about it. I took the side windows out to be replaced with new ones later on. It also gave me a change to cut the holes for the new and bigger back lights in the shell. Hopefully this weekend I could install some new brake lights and turn signals.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

87.93mi / 141.51km

Set off this morning to do a couple of errands and then headed South to Lexington, OK. I had a 20mph headwind and thought I am struggling way to much, but.one forget how good you have it. I pull up next to a cyclist and saw on his face how the wind was killing him. We said our hello's and I pulled away from him as if he was standing still. At Lexington I met up with Bob Massengale, the owner of Oklahoma Recumbent Road Bikes. His shop is just supper, with all the recumbents you can think off and not to mention all the trikes. Great guy.
The trip back was supper fun with the wind from the back. There were long stretches where I could hold 29mph.

Friday, April 1, 2011

25.63mi / 41.25km

Run the tires at 50psi today. Could not tell a difference in speed from yesterdays 60psi but it got even smoother.