Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 7/30/11

150.2mi  8:50
avg 17.0mph
max 63.9mph

Started of with nice flat ground and then it was a steady climb with three big climbs and 3 very nice down hills. First one was very scary because I had now idea how the brakes would do. Second one was not that fast but the third one was super. All the way from 2300ft down to 780ft between 45 - 64mph. Got into camp after sunset. I think the rest stops were maybe a little to long. To sum it up it was very good, the first climbs are now out of the way and they were not bad at all.
My left MS Plus tire blew out today, so I had to wait on top of the hill for quite some time for a replacement. I had to switch to Kojacks in the front for I did not think of bringing extra tires! So it might be a little faster but we will see about the punctures still.