Does it have 9 speed control on one side and 3 speed on the other hand control bar?
That's about right, but could change depending on configuration.

What is the maximum speed of this?
Again it depend on yourself. Most people that test ride it can hold 24-30mph on flat ground. Been up to 70mph down hill and 4mph uphill.

Can it handle steep hills ok?
Just like any other bike, it is more work going up hill and it all depends on the gearing you choose. The prototype has been tested across the USA from Portland OR to Washington D.C.

Does it need and rear view mirrors?
It has mirrors and a rear view camera with LCD display.

Are the lights powered by solar panels?
By battery at the moment, 12v LiPo

Can it be pedaled backwards to back up or go in reverse?
There is a reverse yes but that means you have to open the door and use your hands on the wheels like a wheelchair. The turning radius is so good that you could usually turn around and never back up.

Does this have those power assist systems?
The first one did not. The second one does have a 250W assist that helps quite a bit.

Are the brakes disc or pads?
Disc brakes.

How often have you needed new brakes?
It would greatly depend on the type of driving you do and the type of brake pad you use. Some pads has lasted 2000miles others did 6000miles.

How do you deal with visibility in the rain?
I do use chemicals on the windshield that helps with rain and condensation and but over all it does not bother to much.

How much would one of these go for?
It's hard to say right now for these are only prototypes at the moment but velos usually go between $8000-$15000.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how it is in freezing weather. I don't ever like riding a bike in freezing weather, but maybe a velomobile would also be very cold in a 30 F degree outside temperature.

fj said...

Velo's are very good in cold weather.

John Entermann said...

A similar weather question: How do you deal with visibility in the rain?
John (on a Catrike Expedition)

John Entermann said...

Continuing the weather 'vane':
How do you handle visibility in the rain.
John (on Catrike Expedition)

Anonymous said...

How much would one of these go for? Id like to save up to possibly get one

C. Bach said...

@anonymous Unfortunately don't have one of those, but being all carbon fiber/compounds and having only decent components probably like a good used car. But it gets you the work out for free and doesn't need fuel. Definitely is on my kick-the-bucket list :)

Anonymous said...

I'm still interested in pricing options - please get back (check yr FB page :-)

Anonymous said...

In one of the articles is said it would cost around $10.000 at this moment.

For European standards of similar bikes that seems a fair price.

Anonymous said...

eventually someone is going to come out with an engineered dedicated pedal assist velomobile

perhaps bosch will work with someone.

i think the bosch system is the one to go with on these velo's but you have to build in the bosch, it's not a bolt or strap on system. but it's the best in terms of every factor of performance for pedal assist sytsems.

Anonymous said...

That should take me around 3 years to save up for one, which I intend to do.
I'm hoping by then, the pterovelo would have been succeeded by an even better model.
But after being passed on my upright DF by a velomobile, and reading about being able to ride in colder seasons and inclement weather, buying one of these over a trike or DF is an easy decision.
I would like to see side mirrors instead of an LCD, if that option ever becomes available.
-Tim Bazzinett, Brighton, Michigan

Anonymous said...

I am 6'5" with 36" inseam on the pants....long legs regular torso. i would like a velomobile that has the ability to take off the top and still look good and attach a trailer for trips to the grocery store. any recommended manufacturers for my size?