Saturday, May 28, 2011

19.1mi / 30.7km

I met up with Jim Aiken in Wichita this afternoon. He owns a Flevo AW. It is the first velo that I lay my eyes on and what a treat. We went for a little joy ride enjoying the scenery. The suspension on the AW is very impressive and seems to make quite a difference.

69.8mi / 112.3km

Off to a bad start this morning. The battery wires came loose and I lost all lights. I cycled to the next town and found an open auto-body shop that helped me repair the broken wires.

687 South Main Street, Blackwell Oklahoma. 
I don't remember the Shops name but thank you so much for the help.
The rest of the day went pretty good. Kept a good pace and felt good. I had a little cross headwind the whole day.