Friday, May 27, 2011

68.7mi / 110.6km

Left work this afternoon and did a good stretch up to Tonkawa OK where I camped. It was a very nice road with a section that winds along the river. Just before I reached Tonkawa I met up with a cyclist and was trying to speak to him while cycling and in the process broke the door stop in the back off. Not a to big deal. The door just rubs a little on the frame without it. Solved the problem with a couple of plies of poly tape around the door area. Will have to invent  a much better solution.

Got to the campground after 21:00 and rigged a quick tent with a space blanket.

34.1mi / 54.8km

I packed the velo and is off for a x-country trip today. The goal is to go to Hutchinson KS to visit the parents. Will camp along the road one night and will sleep over at grandma in Wichita KS.