Sunday, April 24, 2011

285.7mi / 459.8km

One super weekend. I was off on Friday so I took the Pterovélo to Tulsa. (127.7mile) I felt pretty good the whole way. On 80mi the feet got little sore but I stopped and ate something and it was all good after that. Greg met me outside Tulsa on his F40. Him and his wife was very generous to let me stay with them the weekend and showed me a good time. Saturday we just putted along the river trail and through the neighborhoods for fun. (26.28mi) The legs were a little tired and lacked some performance. Sunday I left at 7:30 in the rain. It hardly ever stopped and slowed me down a bit but all for the good because the legs were a little worn out. The last 25mi back home was a crawl and the knees has had enough. Walked in the door at 18:00