Sunday, May 29, 2011

60mi / 96.5km

Sunday morning and left for Hutchinson. The wind was very strong SSE at 25mph which helped a lot. The lift over the velo lifted the door so I had to stop to put extra bungy cords on the door. In the process I got a flat tire in the back and had to stop a second time to change tubes. Still made very good time. I did get a little hot inside with the strong tail wind but I kept the door closed as long as I could. Only opened it when I turned of at Yoder to go North.
This is the best avg to date. Almost the whole trip was uphill but with a tail wind.

Monday morning we loaded the velo on the trailer for the first time and head home in a 30-40mph head wind. The trailer did very well and pulled easy. I do need to change the wheels though and repack the bearings. But still we got a 35mpg avg all the way into that strong wind.

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