Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday 8/24/11

It was hard to get up. The day started with a very nice bike trail that was a good warm up. But if you get a bunch of excited guys together and put them in something fast it will most definitely end up in a race. So just before the coffee break it ended in a heavy sprint. I got a little behind on the uphill and started to make up on the other side. I then saw the railroad xing up ahead. Usually I would slow way down for them but this time I had some velos in my sight and there were no slowing down. The railroad tracks were on a little bump so I decided to speed up even more. That way if they are. very rough then I will be a little lighter going over them with the help of the bump. I hit the bump and the velo went straight into the air! It rolled a little to the right, my heart skipped and the Pterovelo was flying. It landed slightly skew and on the right front wheel. With more luck than anything else it straightened out and put all wheels on the ground. I will have to admit it took a whole coffee to get my legs to stop shaking. From coffee stop to lunch I was a bit zapped from energy and it was a hard ride with slow uphills. Lunch could not come soon enough and after the fuel up the engine ran much smoother again. Daniel, Markus, Andreas and I followed a very nice strong steady pace to the next meeting point. The whole groups assembled again and we did the last 15 miles as one group into Georgetown which was an amazing experience. The day ended with lots and lots of celebration and cup cakes.

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Anonymous said...

Very funny to read your account of going over the tracks. Have a great finish!