Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday 8/1/11

117.5mi. 6:45
avg 17.4mph
max 43.3mph

We started the day at Three Rivers Resort. Followed the river again but it was a slightly higher grade than yesterday. I stayed with the Quests for a while. They were going up the steep hills a little faster than I was comfortable with and had one or two lower gears than me. But I could out run them on the down hills and they did not catch back up. Half way up the hill I found Daniel with his electric Quest. We played touch and go for a bit and then I tugged in behind him and we made very good time going up. The last 9 miles going up the pass was between 4% to 6% all the way and I could keep a steady 5.5mph up the hill. We got to the top just in time! Feet got real hot. We hanged out for while before we took on the down hill. The road down was a little bit twisty at first so I did not pick up to much speed, but it was long and steady. I managed to keep it around 40mph all the way down to a gas station just before Lolo. We stopped again and for a while. Went down another 3miles to Lolo and found a place to eat. Then it was a nice fast pace through Missoula to the KOA.

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