Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday 8/8/11

Monday 8/8/11

The rest day helped with stamina today. It started of with a fairly big hill this morning. I was able to push fairly hard up the hill and made a good start. The rest of the day was more rolling hills and the tail wind picked up and just got stronger through the day. The rest of the day was nice and fast. Once we entered ND the road turned super smooth, what a pleasure. Until the road stopped and turned into dirt. There were about 6miles of construction going on and I decided to push the velo most of the way. Martin and Machiel caught up with me just when I got back on the asphalt and we pushed pretty hard on the last 12 miles. I could feel my right ankle complain a little. Tonight I iced the feet, soaked them in some Epsom salt and rubbed some Voltaren on them. Right now they are much better.


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