Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday 8/4/11

126.9mi 7:30
avg 16.9mph
max 64.9mph

Blood, sweat and tears today. Crossed one more mountain today. The good thing is it was real pretty.
It felt like I had flat tires all day long! The legs just did not want to perform. I did not do very good today.
Was running on a 53 teeth all day and really missed the 72 on the down hills.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your effort, looks like you are doing the best job of getting info out to those of us hanging on every photo and report. There has to be thousands of us trying to learn more about velomobiles. I scour for info every day, can't get enough. Seems most riders have not been able to report, at least to the public. Hope to hookup with the riders at the lunch stop at Paeonian Springs VA. The 360 photo.....Wow!!!


Kathy Siepak said...

Greetings to you all, you are awesome! Please tell David Eggleston thatKathy and Megan said hi. He is our hero! We got some rain last Friday but it's hot again, 103 degrees all week. Hope it's cooler for y'all! Best wishes,David! We love you!