Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End

The end of a very successful year, one that would be very hard to beat. It is by far the most miles I have done in one year and also the most alive I felt in one year. Yes it was very time consuming to spend all that time cycling but the accomplishment was well worth it. The funny thing is the more you ride this vehicle, the better and faster it gets. I doubt I will be able to match those miles in 2012 which would be unfortunate, but the focus would be to get more Pterovelo's on the road.

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RifullOfTheWest said...

Man I gota hand it to you, thats very impressive. Seriously, I wish other people had the interest and open mindedness to the future of things to come like this. It seems people all around us only think ahead 6 months to a year in time and never plan farther than that. This machine is something that would secure your future if theres ever a Oil crisis.